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Episode 2.6…The Fall

In 2002, Craig DeMartino’s life should have ended. Craig took a 100-foot ground¬† fall after a miscommunication with his climbing partner. The accident left Craig in a wheelchair and a slew of medical problems. Thankful to be alive, Craig still struggled to redefine himself after the accident.¬† His lifestyle had changed forever. He struggled to play with his kids. The outdoors were no longer a part of his life. After being diagnosed with a neurological condition, Craig reached a turning point. He could amputate his slow-healing foot to stem his nerve condition and gamble that he could get his life back or he could stick with the obvious outcome — stay in a wheelchair and grapple with pain for the rest of his life.



One Response to “Episode 2.6…The Fall”

  1. Peter says:

    Nice one, when I reached the end, I was like “don’t stop now!”. Can’t wait for the next one out!

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