We never imagined making a sequel. After the success of The Season, the response was immediate and loud. “We want more!” many of you said. Bryan and I had a heart to heart.  For us, it wasn’t as simple as merely sticking a big “2” behind the logo and calling it good.  We needed a project that was going to continue to inspire us.  Could The Season’s formula still grow? We decided it could. Our goal was simple – stick to the same incredible storytelling, but go deeper. Spend more time with each athlete.  Boost the production level.  Travel outside of the Pacific Northwest.  We think we have succeeded.

This year we picked five new athletes each with their own unique storyline. An amputee climber sets his sights on becoming whole again by returning to Yosemite to realize a lifelong dream. A conservationist and angler searches for a fabled ghost run of wild steelhead on one of California’s most troubled rivers. One of the world’s best boulderers struggles to balance her career as a boulder with raising her daughter. From a burned forest, a vision of an incredible mountain bike trail emerges from the ashes into reality. In the wake of achieving an unthinkable goal, a ski mountaineer returns to the peak where he first met failure.

If you’re already a fan, you know the drill. Shot entirely in HD, this 22-episode series is available to you for free at a number of locations. Every episode premieres on the Arc’teryx website.   You can have the HD version delivered directly to your computer and find all the old episodes by subscribing on iTunes. Expect new episodes twice a week. You can also find all the episodes from the first installment on iTunes.

If you like what you see, thank us by spreading the word. Share it with friends at work. Write a review on iTunes. Thank the sponsors. The point is – you are the engine that drives The Season. These stories come from our community rather than the minds of marketing departments.  We haul loads, freeze our asses off (we did a lot of this), put our butts in the computer seat, and at times put our selves in harms way for our craft.  The lows can be deep, but the high is tremendous.  It comes in the form of seeing our community respond to our work. There is no paycheck that can rival that. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Rise up. Become legend. Welcome to The Season 2.

Fitz Cahall, Bryan Smith and Tim Loubier

For more information contact:

Fitz Cahall

Duct Tape Then Beer

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(206) 890-9533