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Here is a kick ass trailer

After a year of hard work, Bryan Smith and I present The Season 2, five stories from a whole new set of athletes. This 22-episode web TV series following five athletes through the course of a year is available first at and then as a download from iTunes. Visit to subscribe and find information about the songs and download the cuts. The series begins in earnest Tuesday, September 6th.

Those are the nuts and bolts. A release is always a crazy moment in my life. I dread them up until the moment they happen. There are so many details to be worked out that it can be difficult to sleep, remember to turn the stove off or keep track of what day of the week it is. It is consuming. The reward is obvious. You — the community — makes this all worthwhile. Your feedback, both good and bad (but always thoughtful), is deeply appreciated. When Bryan and I started out on round 2, we had you in mind. How do we make The Season better? The answer was clear- feed off the energy you all put into the first installment. So we invested time and money. And committed to spending more time with each athlete and more time in the field. We feel we’ve achieved our goals. I hope you are pleased with our efforts.

Rise up. Become legend. Welcome to The Season 2.

Music info:
We Can Make The World Stop - EPThe Glitch Mob
“Warrior Concerto” (mp3)
from “We Can Make The World Stop – EP”
(Glass Air)

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5 Responses to “Here is a kick ass trailer”

  1. Chris says:

    Wahoo! So excited for it, Fitz & Bryan! Bring. It.

  2. Ian says:

    Can’t wait to see what you did on this one. The last serious was good, but from the trailor it looks like season 2 is gonna be even better.

  3. Matt Maddaloni says:

    beautiful. inspiring and once again amazing stories. you guys upped the ante again! so proud of you guys

  4. Kim Kircher says:

    Thanks for going another round. Loved the first one, psyched about this one.

  5. thedirtbag says:

    Thanks Kim,
    Thank you for running a kick ass mountain. I think we’ve got a short project we want to film there next season!


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